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week ago in Tennessee I was told the only option was to pull all support, that Laken was not a candidate for a VAD or heart transplant & that he had a 0% chance of survival (not true).
Today, he is in Texas in the operating room getting his VAD & in a transplant work up at TCH.
Hendersonville, United States (US)

Fundraiser for Help Save Baby Laken: Urgent Treatment

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We are reaching out with heavy hearts to share the urgent situation of our precious baby Laken, born on August 16, 2023. Laken was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), a severe congenital heart defect. Despite undergoing two major open heart surgeries, his condition has deteriorated to the point where he now requires a heart transplant.
**Our Story:** From the moment of his birth, Laken has been a fighter. He underwent his first heart catheterization at just one day old and his first open heart surgery at five days old. His second heart surgery was at 6 months old. The traditional path for HLHS involves three complex staged surgeries, with the ultimate goal of rerouting his heart’s blood flow to function as a single ventricle heart.
Despite the best efforts of his medical team, Laken’s condition has worsened. He is now intubated and on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) for life support. After a two-week transplant evaluation, we were devastated to learn that Laken was deemed to have “too many risk factors” for a heart transplant. He was also refused a ventricular assist device (VAD), leaving us with no other option but to explore transferring him to another hospital that is willing to perform the transplant.
**The Urgent Need:** Time is running out for Laken. We have successfully transported him to another hospital in another state that is willing to do their own transplant work up and give him the chance he deserves. Mom and Laken are currently in Houston, Texas while Dad & two young siblings are home in Tennessee trying to figure out how and when their family can be reunited.
**How You Can Help:** We are seeking your support to cover the expenses of medical bills, as well as travel, food, and shelter for our family during this incredibly difficult time. Your donations will directly contribute to: – Medical bills related to Laken’s care – Travel expenses for our family – Temporary lodging near the new hospital – Daily living expenses (food, etc.)
**Our Commitment:** We are determined to fight for Laken’s life and will not give up. We know that the path ahead is long and challenging, but with your support, we can give Laken the chance he deserves.
**A Personal Note:** Many of you know of our tough experience with our daughter Micah’s open heart surgery and her recovery in 2021. Laken’s situation is even more critical, and it breaks our hearts to share this news.
We have been reluctant to ask for help, but there is no good time to share such painful news. We just want to be able to take our baby home and give him the chance to grow and thrive.
**Conclusion:** Your generosity can make a life-saving difference for Laken. Please consider donating and sharing our story with others. Together, we can provide Laken with the opportunity to receive the treatment he desperately needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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